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Keep your child happily engaged during holidays

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I hear most children say they are getting “bored”. Keeping your children entertained is a tedious task for both the child and the parent. So we must be planning How we keeping our kids happily

1 you can make own games

You can supply of coloured cards, glue and scissors. Now you can make any game you want. Tell him. ‘Pin the Tail on the deer’, ‘Snakes and Ladders’, ‘build a house. . It can be made easily at home and help to keeps the child occupied for quite some time

2. Cooking & baking
You can Involve your children in the cooking process. Let them choose what they want to cook or bake and let them read the ingredients and steps. Try to let them do it all the way.

3. Gardening

give small place of your garden for your children. Now tell to them. grow some plant which plant they like to plant. Let them play the role of the gardener. tending to and nourishing their plants. Let them plant seeds and water it.

4. Go on Picnics

You can plan regular picnics for your kids.Sometime yourare in always busy. But dont worry. If you don’t go out too often, you can have one at home. Prepare a blanket and some yummy snacks. Let the children make their own sandwiches and decide their own lunch.

5. Create diary

You can tell to children to keep a summer diary,
wherein they can pen down their thoughts and activities at the end of each day. It will help to increase writing skills. It also keep them busy for hours. They can also take photos of special days . They can paste it & write about them.

6. Painting

Give them paper and paints . let them paint to their heart’s content.

7. Take them to Swimming

Most children are like to swimming. It is a most cooling activity in during these hot holidays,. take your children for swimming. This will also turn out to be the most fun exercise they would ever have done.

8. Use Library

This is a One of the best habits. you can inculcate in your children is the habit of reading. Take them to the library. Allow them pick out their own books. You can buy a few books each week. This will keep them busy for one whole week, and then assign new books.

9. Organize play dates

Make a Plan to sport. Plan some play dates and invite friends over. This encourages children to mingle and play with kids of their own age and make friends.

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