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Parenting Mistakes That Cause Jealousy In Children:

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Jealousy is an emotion. that could discreetly come into your child’s life.
The feeling can be arise from his siblings, friends or classmates.
A simple thing like a new bicycle for his friend could trigger envy in your kid.
You must try to remove those negative emotions from your toddler before they take a steep turn. MomJunction explains about jealousy in children and how you can deal with it. Read on

Parenting Mistakes That Cause Jealousy In Children:

Jealousy begins in their childhood. Parents behavior is mostly help to make their children’s Jealousy feelings . might ignite competition between their tots. jealousy.

Most parents give more pampering,But it is not suitable. . If you spoil the child with too much of pampering, he could feel unconquered at home.

Do you know, When a new child comes into the family or when he comes across a friend who is more powerful than him, he feels insecure.
He sees the newborn or the friend as the reason for insecure. He could suffer from depression when he doesn’t get what he wants and feel inferior as he grows up.

  1. Over Protection: Some parents over protect there children . But ,one’s day you must release that childs. When you are suddenly leaving him in wilderness. He might become reserved, timid and shy, leading to jealousy when he sees a confident kid.
  2. Authoritarian Parenting: Over controlling is great mistake parents make. It raising jealousy in children. Setting up strict rules and regulations without explaining the cause will affect the child. He grows with lack of self-confidence and feels less worthy than his siblings or pals.
  3. Comparison With Others: Most parents is compare their children with each other. It is more dangerous. Comparisons can only lead to jealousy, rivalry and lack of self-confidence.
  4. Creating Unhealthy Competition: Making children do the same activity and comparing their results would create unhealthy competition among them. One child may be more talented than the other but insisting that they do the same activity with similar precision could prove to be wrong, leading to jealously.
  5. Birth Order: Parents must pay more attention to a child based on his birth order.Why?, The first sibling might be jealous of his newly born sister when he sees parents paying her more attention. With the arrival of the newborn, the older children may feel dethroned that could lead to jealousy.

In childhood, you may notice the signs of jealousy when your children are playing with each other. You must carefull. It will be so common that the child who is jealous might hit the other hard playing and acts like it is just a game.

In adulthood, jealousy is more obvious as they talk about the other and try to impede their progress.

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