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Few Reasons Smart People Doubt Themselves

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Many smart and talented people make doubt about themselves. We can thought, that they think the world is vast and their own knowledge is limited.

They have terrific experience. . It can be incredible judgment. but they also know that they’ll never know everything there is to know, even about their favorite subjects.

But, Less-capable less-curious people don’t doubt themselves a bit.

They are always said “I am an expert in every single aspect .” They aren’t exaggerating. they always really believe it.

Unfortunately, Most people are believe they have nothing to learn are in leadership positions.

They get to hire and manage. It is very difficult for this person to learn anything new . Why, Their mind is closed. Most have ideas and learning to share with other people.

We amaze by some peoples stories, their observations and their wisdom. People are happy to help anybody solve their problems. When the time comes to talk about themselves, but they may still be hesitant.

We can’t blame yourself.

Here are ten reasons smart and capable people doubt themselves:

  1. They have learned from big experts, and they don’t want to like put themselves in that category.
  2. They know how much they don’t know,
  3. They know that their expertise and their wisdom are only a small part of what makes them who they are.
  4. They know that there is vast wisdom in every person. They don’t want to make any conversation all about them.
  5. They tend to focus on the experiences and credentials they don’t have, rather than on the ones they do.
  6. They care more about their work and their mission than they do about their personal branding, which feels trivial and cheesy by comparison.
  7. They are uncomfortable in the limelight.
  8. They get satisfaction by helping other people, not by talking about themselves.
  9. They may have lost confidence over something that happened in their career or personal life.
  10. They don’t have good role models, mentors or supporters to tell them “You are awesome!” They haven’t learned how to carry their confidence easily on their shoulders.
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