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Biggest mistakes people make

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One the biggest mistakes people make when People’re trying to impress someone is that they assume people only pay attention to the important or “big” things they do.

But It is not true. That the little things are what matter most. It’s the little things we do or don’t do every day that shape us in to who we are.

The little things always help how we respond when big things come in to our lives.

Image you present to the world is determined by your actions, comments, attitude, behavior and even appearance.

You can be noticed these things, within the first few seconds of meeting someone. Think about this. how do you let people know who you really are? How can you impress everyone around you without big gestures or a lot of time? It is very simple, but they have a big impact. Their effects are lasting. People will remember the little things you do . That can make the difference you’re looking for.

1. Dress the part

Your appearance is the First thing people see first. They always look at your clothes, hair, shoes, etc. They try to make assumptions about you before you even open your mouth. If you want to impress people, dress for the occasion. Take time to get ready in the morning.

2. Be on time

If you’re late for something, sure, you’re giving someone the opportunity to judge you without you even being there.
If you give time to others. be there at that time. Waiting for someone when they should already be there is frustrating and annoying.

3. Never break your promises

Many people making promises , and they know they can’t keep. many people are do it more patient. because it makes the other person feel better in that moment. But it make those peoples are anger. It can help to make discouragement.
If you can’t keep a promise, don’t make it. If you do make a promise, do everything you can to keep it.

4. Respect others

This can be verry hard, You don’t like to get some peoples opinions..Who acts in a way you don’t approve of. You are not like to respect them.

But you can still be civil. If you look for attributes you respect in people, you will find them.

5. Be involved

Be a part of the things that matter to you.

6. You can Say, “Please,” and, “Thank you,” often
These are nice small words, but those words have depth idea.. Expressing your gratitude to people, even for the smallest acts of kindness, shows that you see the good in people; it point that you pay attention to the things people around you are doing and saying.

7. Smile often

Smiles are contagious. If a stranger walks past you at the store and smiles, it is a natural response to smile back. Seeing someone smile can remind others that there are things to be grateful for, that life is fun and exciting.

8. Use your phone when it’s appropriate.

When you are with your friend or any others, be with them. Phones are good technology. But they are also a distraction. Use your phone when it’s appropriate. You don’t need it out every second of every day.

9. Be faithful

By being honest and true with your life partner, you are showing that you know where your priorities are. You understand what it means to be in a healthy relationship.

10. Give your Support your children

You can Take time to be involved in your kids’ lives. You can know what they’re interested in. Go their games, recitals, competitions, parent-teacher conferences, etc. Always try to Listen when they talk to you. Be the kind of parent they know they can go to when they have questions.

11. Personal hygiene isn’t an option,

Have breath mints handy. Wear deodorant. Brush your teeth . Wear good clean clothes. These are things that should be common sense,
Take care of your personal hygiene and people will be more focused on what you’re saying and doing instead of how you smell.

12. Speak clearly and make eye contact

When some person speak with you, you must Keep your eye contact with them . Let the person you’re talking to know that you are engaged in the conversation and that you care about what you’re discussing. Don’t mumble or look around, keep your focus on

13. You must determine what type of situation you’re in.

some times it may be interview. You probably don’t want to go in to an interview and hug your potential boss, but you should offer them a firm handshake. With close friends and family members a hug shows a level of intimacy. It shows that you love and care about them and gives you a way to physically express that.

14. Listen to others

If someone is talking to you, listen to what they are saying. Don’t be thinking of a give response while they are still talking.

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