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Future of Fashion 2020

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The future fashion industry have to done a big role to play in polluting the environment. Many apparel manufacturers have switched to employing eco-friendly methods of their production.

For the reason is growing awareness among the consumers,

Fashion always express persons ideas. it can show their culture and values, interests and personality. Fashion evolve since the 19th century. Ex : Charles Fredrick Worth had labels sewn into garments that he created.

Fashion has evolved through decades of constantly. It demand increase with more stylish and fascinating.

Environment is becoming increasingly hazardous situation.

Fashion industry is one of the biggest players in the global economy. That holds the responsibility to protect and save the environment . Insatiable and increasing demands are putting undue pressure for this .

The textile industry is one of the biggest culprits. ” The textile industry single-handedly
contributes to 18-20 per cent of global industrial water pollution “. The World Bank reveals that.
They pointed to industry’s dyeing and pre-treatment of fabrics and textiles.

manufacturing of textiles period, it’s large amount of solid and liquid wastes are discharged into water .
Textile mills lead to air emissions containing. That several harmful chemicals including chlorine and hydrogen sulphide.

Most consumers and clothing manufacturers are becoming aware of thosechemical harmful consequences.
Now , They are trying for alternative technologies to protect the environment.

Liva launched her new Birla Cellulose initiative.

It is a cellulosic high quality fabric. It falls and drapes according to the body and moves with the body.

Birla Cellulose has been creating superior and sustainable viscose staple fibre. It balance the power of science and nature.

With over 50 years’ experience, Birla Cellulose has been making metal-free fibres. It increased absorbency and softness accompanied by lustre, smoothness, and drapability.

This fibres are not only eco-friendly. those are versatile and beautiful. Birla Cellulose is increasingly engaging with big brands.

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