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Fruit is good or bad for your health

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Everyone knows that fruit is good for you. Yes that’s also true. If you’ re diabetic. But fruit also contains sugar. so how much and which fruits – should you eat?

The german Nutrition society recommends it. They say two portions daily – which amounts to approximately 250 grams for diabetic & non dsbetics alike.

One portion is about the equivalent of an apple or two handfuls of respberries. While most fruits contain sugar, they don’t all raise blooed sugar levels at the same rate, points out the german magazine diabetes retgeber.

The fruits most beneficial to diabetics are high in fibre and contain a lot of water, It says berries and oranges, for example.

It also matters which foods you eat in combination with fruit, the heath magazines add. Fruit raises blood sugar levels more slowly when eaten with high protein foods such as cheese or natural; yoghurt.

Diabetics can see for themselves how their body reacts to certain fruits by checking their blood sugar levels before and after eating them.high level increase their risk of developing serious complications.

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