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chrysotile fibre cement roofing sheets

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Sri Lanka began manufacturing chrysotile fibre cement roofing sheets since 1954

If we can’t understood something, mystery always control us normaly. It is true for the chrysotile fibre cement . in present, most people fear to use this chrysotile fibre cement . Why? Many people said that krisotile fiber can arise many disease to human health.

normally it called as chrysotile fibre cement . However, one cement Sheet had small rate of krisotile fiber. It is a 8% ratio of all amount. 92% are cement & water. krisotile is natural minerals & it’s very strong & flexibility. Cement & krisotile element are combined well. For that reason, Roofing comapany use this element for their roofing sheets.

Is it danger ? No

Now a days, peoples are think, if they are live in with chrysotile fibre cement . Its like a waving their own death. They said ” krisotile cement roofing Sheets always release krisotile fiber to air”. But, in 2016, some research report are recommended, that sheets not realise krisotile fiber. Germany, Austria & Australia are are said ” there are no any differences to others” .

Certainly, krisotile Cement Roofing Sheets have long life .

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