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Popular scams in southeast Asia

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Some popular scams in southeast Asia which appeal to your humanitarian side include . when visiting unfamiliar places with language barriers and different customs, travelers often find themselves the target of unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage. So always be carefully.

Renting Motorbikes

When you hope to renting a motorbikes from unlegal business in indonesia & Vietnam. You must be more carefull. because, this motorbikes have more extra keys. when you rent a motorbike from those places, they send their person to follow your motor bike. once you parked, they steal it, requiring you to pay for the missing bike.

some rental companies will have someone (scams) put a scratch on the motorbike or disable the engine. you will be required to pay an outlandish repair fee for the damages or to get it started again.

Cheap VIP Bus tickets

particularly, Thailand and cambodia Bus companies advertise low fares to undercut their companies.
once booked, the bus driver deliberately stalls until either the border crossing closed or the ferry boats have stopped running.Conveniently, the driver knows a good guest house which is doing business with the bust company. They deposits the entire lot of passengers there.

Many times this buses conveniently ” broken ” and you wind up on the regular bus instead – with no refund in the fare difference.

Exchanging Money

Always exchange your currancy in legal establishments. Don’t exchange with individuals on the street. In some countries even calculators have been fixed to display wrong information.

Don’t accept torn or damaged bills. because, this bills are usually pawned off on foreigners & are difficult to spend later. Always count the money yourself before walking anywhere.

Visa Offices at Borders

Before you cross the border. Some drivers will take you to an office for processing the Visa Paper work. These offices offer no real value.
You can get this form at the actual border. It’s free. use it.

Place: such as near the friendship Bridge between Thailand and Laos

Easy ways to get rich.

Some scams are more obvious than others. but unwary tourists still fall for them. This peoples are approach visitors & earn their trust. Then
During this friendly conversation they try to planting ideas for ways to make money in a country. Usually, these businesses very simple & venture but if they worked wouldn’t the same guys be taking advantage already?

Tourist Information Office

Offices designated with signs such as ” tourist information” are rarely legit. This companies earn commission by restaurants & hotels. So they plan to send tourists to this restaurants & hotels. But this places are charge higher price than other places. Don’t believe. when they tell you that a place you mention is closed. it probably isn’t in their network.

Watch out for the Drivers

Don’t trust the drivers in any country. Because, they not innocent. The best rule to always agree on a price before getting inside of any wheeled vehicles. So ask them what is the price. Don’t be afraid to Negotiate price.
Even finding a ” Working ” meter in a taxi may not mean that you are getting a fair price. Drivers regularly take the longest route & will ask high price from you

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