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Chillow fish market

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Chillow – Many Fish traders are always attend Chillow fish market to buy more fish . They coming from all parts of the country. When they arriving, bring various size of trucks with rigifoam boxes. Some even own their own fish stalls. Some big traders have a freezer trucks. They buy more fish in bulk & take to their respective towns. This is a normal scene inChillow fish market.

How ever, The fish prices are often change there. Because,The price is depend on supply available that day. Demand of the season is other reason for price change.A trader knows what it is he wants from the demands in his neighborhood. Fisherman womans know, that if there is a surplus of a certain type of fish.

On that moment, They down their price. They catch some fish for later drying. This ” Karawala” is protein element of nutrition. Karawala have a long shelf life.

Certainly, fishing is seasonal too. The east coast is bountiful, when the west is lean and vice versa and some fisherman move fro coast to coast to catch the season,to benefit themseleves, as it is dangerous to go out to sea sometimes.

Srilanka is very primitive in its fishing technology.That allow to foreign travelers to exploit our fisheries stock. For that reason, So both the fisherman and the consumer are the losers in today.

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