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Truth of vitamin

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Most women taking extra vitamin for their beauty. They think, this supplement most help to increase their beauty. So they waste more money for this reason. Vitamin is not bad. But Do you know. large doses of vitamin will harm your body.

Many researchers say that vitamins can’t prevent disease .But, in large doses can do more harm to our body than good.
some american s told, “if you can take a daily supplement. it will be good”. So we must think about it.

You already have enough

Do you eat a healthy diet like fruits, vegetables, whole grains everyday.. Don’t worry, you already took the recommended amount of daily vitamins that your body needs. If you can’t took healthy diet every day you can get cereal or crackers.. Cereal & Crackers are fortified with extra vitamins.

more is not better

According to the national institute of health Found more 400,00 people suffering from cancer. they say,That daily vitamin supplement was associated with an increased cancer risk.

We can get vitamin A easily

Many parents & teachers often telling you to eat carrots.They tell, it improve our eyesight. Yes It is right. It help to improve our eyesight. Vitamin A needed for healthy eyes and immune system. We can get ItA by Carrots, orange colour fruits & vegetables .

We need calcium for our bone health. Woman especially are told to focus on calcium .So ,why not get in a calcium supplement ?

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