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Hiyare is a little haven.

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Hiyare Reservoir Rain forest and Biodiversity Research center is a veritable paradise for wildlife enthusiasts in Sri lanka. It one of the best kept secrets of the South. located only 16 km from the city. This valuable resource to wildlife in Sri Lanka.

Hiyare include 55 acre reservoir. It had 600 acres of surrounding tropical rain forest. It turned over to the Municipal Council of Galle in 2003. The reservoir area managed by the Galle Wildlife Society. Hiyare forest managed by the Sri Lankan Forest Department.

Hiyare is a little haven. A Biodiversity Breeding Centre established for endangered species. It provide an animal Rescue Program, They provide immediate medical and surgical care for injured wildlife. They maintains a tropical tree farm to promote reforestation.

Hiyare is a secondary lowland rain forest with a high diversity in srilanka. There is endemism of species.

There are over 150 species of water fish, reptiles, amphibians, snails and mammals.
We can found 55 species of dragonflies with 12 endemic to this area. 78 Butterfly species of which 3 are endemic. We can see 118 species of Bird with 13 endemic to this area. 34 Reptile species of which14 areendemic, 33 Freshwater fish species of which 13 areendemic, 29 Mammal species of which13 areendemic, 28 Land snail species of which 13 areendemic and 18 amphibian species of which 13 are endemic.


Dragonfly at Hiyare Rainforest

If you like to go there, You can be reached through number of routes.

  1. Udugama Road through the Southern Expressway Access Road
    2 . through the Deniyaya (A17) road
    3 through Labuduwa
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