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What your skin say

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skin is amazing. it help to protects us by infection & regulates our body temperature. sometime, your electric iron may be touch with your skin. At that time, your skin that warns your brain of the burn, quickly. It provides a barrier to keep harmful bacteria out. it give pretty appearance to us. Healthy skin give youthful look to us. It is glowing.

wrinkles skin is not beautiful. We do not like to it. we blame. Most of them think , it begin with our middle aging. Yes, sometimes it may be. Often It is not true always. Our skin also gives us clues as to what is going on our body inside. From redness to itching. In short we can say, skin is change with internal body health.

now we start to notice wrinkles & discoloration. It can be help to save your time & money.

Thyroid disease

Some time, you can see orange colour skin.
That colour may be thyroid diesese. Orange hue mght actually be from low thyroid. Betacarotene, an antioxidant found in orange produce like carrots and sweet potatoes,Is processed in the thyroid. if your thyroid is not working, Beta-carotene builds up in the blood. So your skin colour change as orange colour.


If you suffer from Diabetes. Your skin give first signs. How? Diabetes patients have uncontrolled blood suger levels. For that reason that blood suger levels lead to changes in the skin. The Skin blood vessels is change & lead to thick. This shiny areas on the skin called “plaques”

Celiac disease

These days most of people are going gluten – free. Maybe you’ve even thought about it. if you’ve been scratching your skin off from a red and seriusly -itchy rash, maybe you should take a stroll down the gluten free aisle at whole foods.


anemia causes Low iron levels in the blood . For that reason your face and hands colour is lost. how ever you can avoid it very easy. Always eat some iron rich food.(Ex: Iron rich foods like red meat, eggs & dark green vegtables ).


This is a chronic immune – system disorder. it affects the skin. as well as it effect our blood and the kidney. Butterfly rash is common sign of this dieseae.rash appears on the face and covers the cheeks. It like as the butterfly shape. How ever, If you notice this type of rash, go & meet your doctor .

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Do you go to salon for a wax treatment more often than normal? when you doing a waxing, some new facial hair is not welcome. but it could be more than just an annoyance.
If you suffer this onset facial hair and cystic acne You should meet your doctor. it could be sign of polycystic ovary syndrome (Pcos), There are 70 present of women suffer by new hair growth, usually on the face and chest.

Liver disease

Most of people have not enough knowledge about liver dieseas. liver problem affect your skin. liver patient’s,Who suffer from cirrhosis and hepatitis, often said itching skin. Itchy bump on your legs & Hepatitis C causes red. Most liver patient’s eyes turn yellowing colour.


skin help to protect us from threat. But if your skin often Hives and itchy, it mean we have an allergy to something in environment. Hives can be raised, blotchy, red areas all over the body Hives can be caused by anything we’re allergic to, like medication, food pets or flowers.

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